Hile 2021 in English

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Hile 2021 is a regional scout and guide camp taking place on 1.-5.4.2021 in Maijanlampi, Taivalkoski, Finland. We expect approximately 1 500 participants from three scout districts in Finland as well as international scouts and guides!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask: hile2021@partio.fi

Hile 2021 is a winter camp with a guarantee of at least one meter of snow! The activities include sleeping in a stove-heated winter tents, learning new winter survival skills, and enjoying all the way the Finnish winter at its best. The camp has a theme of stories, and a collecting cards game will be published for the camp.

International guests will be accompanied by local scout groups within the camp, so you will only need to bring your personal camping equipment for the nordic winter to the camp. You will share the stove-heated tents with local scouts.

We expect to have 1 500 participants. The age range is from 10 to 22 year olds and adults. The event is open for all genders. The event fee is 120 EUR, which includes accommodation in stove-heated winter tents with local scouts and guides, all meals, and activities. In addition, the organisation offers a package at a special price, which includes transportation to and from the campsite and accommodation if necessary.

The highlights of the event include experiencing the Finnish nature in winter. There will be a lot of snow. The participants will learn a lot about winter outdoor skills.

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